Case Results

These are just some of the verdicts and settlements that Couch Pierce King & Wharton has obtained for their clients:caseresults1

Dangerous swimming area causing injury resulting in paralysis: $16,000,000.00.

Our client was a 16 year-old boy who dove into three feet of water at a local country club’s lake swimming area. He broke his neck and is now a quadriplegic.  The country club failed to warn our client that the water was as shallow as it was in the area where he dove.

Defective product causing injury resulting in paralysis: $1,500,000.00.

Our client was a 17 year old boy who was thrown from the basket of a hydraulic lift onto his back from a height of approximately 20 feet.  He fractured his spine and is now paraplegic.  The lift was defective, and the company that rented to our client’s dad failed to give our client any instruction on how to use it.

Medical malpractice: — $1,000,000.00.

Our client was a patient in a rehabilitation hospital.  Employees were transferring him from his wheelchair to a commode when they dropped him.  He suffered a serious spinal injury and rendered paraplegic.

Leg amputation caused by a car accident in a dangerous parking lot:  $780,000.00.

Our client’s leg was traumatically amputated when he was hit by a car in a parking lot.  The front bumper of the car pinned him against a fixture in the parking lot.  The driver of the car mistakenly hit the gas instead of the brake.  We made claims against both the driver of the car and the owner of the parking lot.  Our claim against the owner of the parking lot was based upon its failure to properly provide curb stops which would have prevented this accident.

Wrongful death caused by car accident: $400,000.00.

Our clients were the parents of a young woman who was involved in a minor car accident on interstate 435 in Missouri.  After the accident, her car came to rest on the highway.  Another driver came along several moments later, failed to stop and broadsided the young woman’s car at a high rate of speed.  Our clients’ daughter later passed away at the hospital due to her extensive head injuries.  The insurance company that insured the woman who hit our clients’ daughter paid its policy limits.  We then were able to convince our clients’ insurance company to pay the policy limits on its insurance policy for underinsured motorist benefits.

Wrongful death claim caused by apartment fire:  $350,000.00.

A fire in a Maryville, Missouri apartment claimed the lives of three young men, including our client’s son. There were limited insurance proceeds available, so we were required to split the policy limits with the families of the two other young men who perished.  We were able to persuade the judge that the apartment building was unsafe, and that, had it been better designed, our client’s son could have been saved.

Rottweiler attack resulting in permanent tendon damage:  $300,000.00.

Our client, a thirteen year-old boy, was attacked by his neighbor’s Rottweiler.  As a result, he suffered numerous lacerations and scars. His right index finger was seriously and permanently damaged requiring surgery.  We were able to collect the neighbor’s insurance policy limit of $300,000.00 for our client.

Elbow injury caused by slip and fall on ice: $200,000.00.

Our client slipped on ice in the defendant’s parking lot as he exited his car.  The property owner, we asserted, had had sufficient time to remove the ice, but failed to do so.  Our client suffered an injury to the bursa of his elbow which required two surgeries.

Car accident caused by road defect resulting in neck fracture: $250,000.00.

Our client fractured her neck in a one car accident.  She was driving along a winding road when she encountered ice on the roadway.  The ice caused her to lose control of her truck.  It flipped over and landed on its top.  The ice was on the roadway due to a water main break.  We filed a claim for our client against the city for failing to properly maintain its water main and failing to warn motorists of the presence of ice.  There was evidence that the water main had been a problem for years, and that the city knew that the road was icy, but did nothing to timely correct the problem or warn motorists of the existence of dangerous ice.

Tractor accident causing closed head injury and knee injury: $200,000.00.

Our client was part of a crew hired to clear foliage from a narrow roadway in southwestern Missouri.  While working, he was hit by a farm tractor and suffered extensive injuries to his knee and head.  Our investigation revealed that the tractor did not have functioning brakes and the owner of the tractor knew that the brakes could fail at any moment.  We alleged that the owner of the tractor was negligent for operating a farm tractor on the roadway with knowledge that the brakes were faulty.

Car accident causing injury to ligaments of knee and facial scar: $150,000.00.

Our client was minor girl who was seriously injured in a rollover car accident.  She was a passenger in a car that overturned at night on a country road.  She suffered torn knee ligaments and a deep laceration to her face that resulted in permanent scarring.  We made a claim against the driver for negligence, and recovered her $100,000 policy limits.  We, thereafter, made a claim against our client’s auto insurance policy for underinsured motorist benefits, and recovered the $50,000 policy limits for that coverage as well.

Car accident causing fractured wrist: $140,000.00.

Our client was a teenage girl who was a passenger in a car that was broadsided.  She suffered a fractured wrist that was repaired surgically.  While the fracture was adequately repaired, it left our client with a disfiguring scar.  We helped her make a claim against the other driver to recover compensation for her medical expenses and her resulting scarring.

Rear end car accident resulting in back surgery: $200,000.00.

Our clients were husband and wife that were rear-ended by another driver in a chain-reaction collision at a stop sign.  Both of our clients experienced a disc herniation in their low back that required surgery to repair.  We were able to recover for our clients both the policy limits from the driver of the car that hit them as well as the policy limits for underinsured motorist benefits under our clients’ auto insurance policy.

Trash truck accident resulting in shoulder surgery: $120,000.00.

Our client was involved in a collision with a trash truck.  The collision forced her off the road and jarred her to the extent that it tore the rotator cuff in her shoulder.  She underwent surgery to repair the tear.  We helped her make a claim against the trash company to recover her medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering.

Slip and fall on ice at a department store causing fractured ankle: $90,000.00.

Our client was walking into a department store when she slipped on ice and suffered a trimalleolar fracture of her ankle.  The department store had made an attempt to clear the ice and snow from its sidewalk, but had failed to clear it all.  The ice that caused our client to fall was difficult to see and characterized as “black ice.”  We alleged that the department store was negligent in failing to remove all of the ice.

Dangerous trampoline causing fractured arm: $55,000.00.

Our client was a 10 year old boy who broke his arm while jumping on his friend’s trampoline.  The boys were not supervised and jumping on the trampoline together which is not recommended by the trampoline manufacturer.  He fell off of the trampoline onto the ground and was injured.  We made a claim against the trampoline owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy.  We alleged that the trampoline owner should have better supervised the kids to make sure that they used the trampoline properly.